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ICC Pulse Podcast

Jun 29, 2023

The ICC Pulse Podcast is back with a whole season of 5 episodes ready to listen! This is one of the five.

Using puns celebrating the 50th anniversary of the educational television show Schoolhouse Rock, this episode follows a summarized journey of how a building code is developed and advocated in the United States, as told by the International Code Council’s Technical Services engineers and Government Relations representatives. We also highlight a code official's perspective on his jurisdiction's code adoption process and his experience with participating in the code development process.

This episode is sponsored by the American Gas Association.

Guests on the show:

  • Beth Tubbs, Chief Fire Protection Engineer, International Code Council
  • Samhar Hoz, Associate Staff Engineer, International Code Council
  • Truong Hyunh, General Superintendent of Development Services, Building and Safety Bureau, City of Long Beach, California
  • Susan Dowty, Government Relations Regional Manager, International Code Council (Retired)
  • Gabe Maser, Senior Vice President of Government Relations and National Strategy, International Code Council


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