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ICC Pulse Podcast

Jun 29, 2023

The ICC Pulse Podcast is back with a whole season of 5 episodes ready to listen! This is one of the five.

In this episode of the ICC Pulse Podcast, we break down what off-site construction is, the history of off-site construction and how this type of construction is gaining popularity as a form of construction to help solve the affordable housing crisis. We’ll also hear perspectives from owners of modular construction companies on the benefits and pain points of off-site, highlighting how adopting standards and working together in the industry helps solve off-site's growing pains.

Guests on the Show:

  • Ryan Colker, Vice President of Innovation, International Code Council
  • Professor Ryan E. Smith, Professor of Architecture, University of Arizona
  • Wanona Satcher, CEO and Founder of Mākhers Studio
  • Justin Stewart CEO, Synergy Modular


Links to related and referenced topics in this episode:

The Code Council’s Off-site Construction Resource:

Off-site Construction standards

·       ICC/MBI Standard 1200:

·       ICC/MBI Standard 1205:

·       Learn more about Code Council standards in off-site construction:

FAQs on Off-site construction:

How off-site construction can contribute to a more diverse workforce:

Reaping the benefits of offsite construction:

Three trends in off-site construction to watch for in 2023: